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Private Label Lion’s Mane “Brain Boost” Gummies (Lion’s Mane Mushroom, L-Theanine, Caffeine)

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Private Label Lion’s Mane Mushrooms As Medicines

The Lion’s Mane mushroom is an edible functional mushroom that grows on deciduous trees and has been extensively cultivated for medicinal purposes. The functional lion’s mane tincture is powerful and used for many purposes throughout the world.

A medicine kit belonging to one of the oldest mummies, which was at least 4,000 years old, was found with mushrooms inside it. Historically, mushrooms have been used in Chinese herbal medicine for over a thousand years.

About Private Label Lion’s Mane Tincture

We at Emerald Nutra are committed to creating effective products and remain true to our mission to provide our clients with high-quality, functional, private label Lion’s Mane Tincture that will enhance their ability to sell their products to their clients. 

We recognize that your brand name carries influence. Our team at Emerald Nutra understands and appreciates the value your brand represents to your customers. We offer Private Label Lion’s Mane Tincture so you can expand your functional mushroom product line and brand impact. 

Lion’s Mane Tincture is one of the most popular and in-demand products that maintain the bio-availability of sophisticated micro-nutrients, including Triterpenes, Beta-D-Glucans, antioxidants, and phenolic compounds.

Emerald Nutra provides diversified formulas for the production of private label Lion’s Mane mushroom tinctures. Our private label Lion’s Mane’s tinctures are available for purchase and easy to use, delivering quick delivery, fast absorption, and ensuring the most benefits possible. We enhance our proprietary formula private label lion’s mane tinctures with botanical extracts to provide more benefits. In addition, Emerald Nutra can help you develop a customized formula for your own private label Lion’s Mane tincture. 

Our assistance isn’t over when you receive your private label Lion’s Mane Tincture. The services we provide extend far beyond providing the most reliable private label manufacturing service available. Emerald Nutra wants to help you succeed with selling your brand of Lion’s Mane Tincture created for your brand.

Choosing Your Private Label Lion’s Mane Tincture Manufacturer

Our entire process is vertically integrated; we know our private label Lion’s Mane Tincture product from the forest all the way to your hand. We specialize in custom formulations and have a wide range of manufacturing capabilities and comprehensive marketing. This will help you have the resources you need to get the Private Label Lion’s Mane in the hands of your customers. 

Our private label Lion’s Mane extraction process emphasizes quality and effectiveness with a GMP-certified manufacturing process where high standards and practices are met and exceeded. We test our products in third-party laboratories to ensure they have active compounds and ensure transparency.

Our team at Emerald Nutra offers a comprehensive package of product development and a complete marketing strategy plan. Our team can assist you in designing your website, increasing your search engine ranking, increasing the visibility of your Lion’s Mane tincture private label, ongoing content, growing your brand, and achieving your business objectives. The process has been designed to enable you to have as much hands-on involvement and control as you would like based on your preferences.

Emerald Nutra’s private brand Lion’s Mane Tincture is not only a premium product, but we also work closely with you to help you succeed with it.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm
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Jar, Mylar Pouch, Pill Packer Bottle


10, 30, 60

103 reviews for Private Label Lion’s Mane “Brain Boost” Gummies (Lion’s Mane Mushroom, L-Theanine, Caffeine)

  1. Benjamin R. (verified owner)

    The Lion’s Mane Brain Boost Gummies are a big hit among our customers. They’ve seen noticeable improvements in cognitive function, and that’s a testament to the quality of the product. Our partnership with Emerald Nutra and their white label service has been phenomenal. Their commitment to quality, efficient service, and prompt delivery have made them a standout supplier in our business.

  2. Sophia K. (verified owner)

    The Lion’s Mane Brain Boost Gummies have been very popular in our store. The blend of Lion’s Mane Mushroom, L-Theanine, and Caffeine really works and our customers appreciate it. As for our collaboration with Emerald Nutra, it’s been a fantastic experience. Their white label service, punctuality, and quality are exceptional. Thanks, Emerald Nutra! 👏

  3. Mia P. (verified owner)

    Our customers can’t get enough of the Lion’s Mane Brain Boost Gummies. They love the taste and the brain-boosting benefits. Emerald Nutra has been a dream to work with. Their private label service, professionalism, and product quality have significantly contributed to our success. Here’s to many more years of collaboration! 😊

  4. William J. (verified owner)

    We’ve had positive feedback about the Lion’s Mane Brain Boost Gummies. Our customers are impressed by the taste and the cognitive benefits. With Emerald Nutra’s white label service, we’ve been able to offer these high-quality gummies under our brand. Their commitment to quality and excellent service have been invaluable to our success.

  5. Michael D. (verified owner)

    Our customers love the Lion’s Mane Brain Boost Gummies. The taste and the cognitive benefits are often praised. Our partnership with Emerald Nutra, specifically their private label service, has been a key player in our success. They’ve been professional, efficient, and always deliver high-quality products. A big thank you to the Emerald Nutra team!

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What are Lion's Mane Private Label Supplements?

Emerald Nutra meets a need in the market for specialized Lion’s Mane supplements under a private label. Lion’s mane supplements are made of edible Lion’s Mane mushrooms that grow on the dead trunks of hardwood trees. Private label Lion’s mane supplements are often called the smart mushroom because of their benefits.

Why private label Lion's Mane supplements?

The popularity of private label Lion’s Mane mushroom supplements is undoubtedly on the rise, and it is evident that the industry continues to grow! Emerald Nutra is results-oriented and customer-focused to provide support from beginning to sale for this in-demand private label supplement. Our private label Lion’s Mane supplements are an excellent mushroom product to offer your customers.

How Do I Purchase Private Label Lion's Mane?

Identifying the private label manufacturer is the first step in creating a private label. We offer Lion’s Mane supplements that are very popular and effective. The use of our proprietary Lion’s Mane mushroom supplements under your brand would be a valuable asset for your business. It will help you achieve your goals, whether you want to focus on them or enhance what you already do. As a result of our cutting-edge manufacturing facility in the USA, we can meet large-scale orders for private label Lion’s Mane supplements. In addition, we offer low minimum order quantities to meet your requirements as part of our service. 

What is a Lion's Mane supplement private label manufacturer?

We manufacture Lion’s Mane supplements as a private label manufacturer. This is so that companies can build their brands using our innovative formulations or develop their custom formulas using Lion’s Mane mushrooms. Our private label supplements are made in our USA facility and custom branded to meet your unique specifications with your choice of container and packaging. We are a company that doesn’t disappear after you place your order. We can provide you with marketing, selling, and results-oriented solutions for your private label Lion’s Mane supplements as a full-service company.

What to look for when selecting a Lion’s Mane private label manufacturer in the USA?

Your private label Lion’s Mane supplements must be of excellent quality to maintain your stellar reputation. Having confidence in the company that makes your private label Lion’s Mane supplement is necessary. The private label Lion’s Mane manufacturing facility that you consult with should be able to respond to your requests, questions, and concerns in a timely manner. The customer service team at our company has streamlined processes to help us make the manufacturing experience as smooth and profitable as possible for our customers.

Why is Emerald Nutra the leading Lion's Mane private label manufacturing company in the USA?

We take great pride in our private label products and the Lion’s Mane supplements at Emerald Nutra that are the best of the best. Testing by third parties and a GMP-certified facility guarantees quality control, high standards, and today’s most effective private label Lion’s Mane supplements. 

The Emerald Nutra team is prepared to provide you with quality service, flexible order quantities, and premium private label Lion’s Mane supplements tailored to your exact specifications. To help you market and build your brand, we provide full-service assistance to help you increase sales of your private label Lion’s Mane supplements. You are entirely in charge of how much or how little assistance you require. Please get in touch with us, and we will see how we can work with you to sell your own private label Lion’s Mane supplements.

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