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Energy Gummies W/ 1,000mcg Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12) + Folic Acid – Natural Raspberry Flavor

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Private Label Energy Gummies with B12 and Folic Acid

We provide private label Energy Gummies with 1,000mcg Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12) and Folic Acid in a delicious natural raspberry flavor. When you want to offer your customers private label energy gummies in a delicious raspberry flavor, you select the bottle and assist with designing the label for your private label energy b12 gummies. 

Our delicious raspberry private label Energy B12 Gummies contain 1,000 mcg of vitamin B12 and are designed for adults who want a tastier and more convenient way to consume wellness products. Emerald Nutraceutical’s private label energy supplement with B12 and Folic acid is a popular item that can make a worthwhile addition to your customer’s routine to support cellular energy production in their body. At the same time, they enjoy a tasty raspberry bite. 

About Private Label Energy Gummies

Our private label energy gummies are an in-demand product to add to your brand. Whether you want energy b12 gummies to be spotlighted or an add-on to item in your store, our private label energy gummies are a hit! So many people are looking for energy b12 gummies, and our private label Energy Gummies with B12 and Folic Acid fill the need. When people are looking for gummies that give you energy, they already trust your brand, and we’re here to help you with everything from branding to marketing to revamping your website to social media. 

Choosing Your Private Label Energy Gummies Manufacturer

Emerald Nutraceuticals is a private label manufacturer of energy b12 gummies with folic acid. Our natural raspberry flavor energy gummies are manufactured in the USA in a cutting-edge manufacturing facility that is Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Purchase our private label energy gummies for your brand with assurance, knowing they are third-party lab-tested to assure potency, quality, and high standards.

We stand behind our wellness products and help you sell the private label Energy Gummies, grow your business, and get results. With our custom marketing strategy plan, you can be as involved as you want. So let’s get started ordering your private label energy gummies with b12 and folic acid so you can offer them to your customers. 

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm
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Jar, Mylar Pouch, Pill Packer Bottle


10, 30, 60

93 reviews for Energy Gummies W/ 1,000mcg Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12) + Folic Acid – Natural Raspberry Flavor

  1. Samuel P. (verified owner)

    Our customers absolutely love the Energy Gummies! The raspberry flavor is a favorite and the energy boost they get from it is unparalleled. The private label process with Emerald Nutra has been effortless and efficient, making our job so much easier.

  2. Lucas R. (verified owner)

    The Energy Gummies have been a major success in our store. The customers love the natural raspberry flavor and the energy kick from Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid. Working with Emerald Nutra on our private label products has been seamless and productive.

  3. Elizabeth Q. (verified owner)

    The Energy Gummies have been very popular. The raspberry flavor and the energy boost from B12 and Folic Acid have our customers coming back for more. As a private label manufacturer, Emerald Nutra has been an excellent partner, always delivering quality products. 👍

  4. Mia S. (verified owner)

    Our customers can’t get enough of the Energy Gummies. They taste great and the energy boost is exactly what they need. The private label process with Emerald Nutra was a breeze. They’ve been supportive, efficient, and always deliver quality products.

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What are Energy Gummy Private Label Supplements?

Gone are the days when people had to force themselves to take wellness supplements either because of how it tastes or how it looks. This is why a lot of wellness supplements, such as Emerald Nutra’s Private Label Energy Gummy, now come in gummy form. Aside from how tasty these private label wellness supplements are, they are easy to chew, making them the perfect go-to supplement for people who are always on the go. 

Why private label energy gummy supplements?

You may not notice it, but consumers’ needs change all the time. These changes may be subtle, but it is there. As business owners, you need to be able to adapt to these changes as it happens. Emerald Nutra understands this; in fact, they have helped a lot of business owners evaluate their next course of action accordingly. With an impressive list of private label wellness products, it will all boil down to you choosing the right private label product that will resonate most with your consumers. One of our top-selling private label products is Private Label Energy Gummy Wellness Supplement. It has a natural raspberry flavor and is packed with 1,000mcg Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12) and Folic Acid. We are certain that this is the kind of change consumers are more than happy to take. 

How Do I Purchase Private Label Energy Gummy Supplements?

Investing should not be taken lightly. Emerald Nutra has made it easy for business owners to find a trusted Private Label Energy Gummy Supplements manufacturer they can work with. Their energy b12 gummy supplements are third-party lab-tested to assure potency, quality, and high standards.

What is an energy gummy supplements private label manufacturer?

We help business owners sell their own brand of private label energy supplements by providing them with the kind of support they deserve. Emerald Nutra will provide you with different choices for how you want your Private Label Energy Gummy supplements packaged; they can be packaged in a jar, mylar pouch, or pill packer bottle.


What to look for when selecting an energy gummy private label manufacturer in the USA?

A company where you can openly communicate your ideas is a good starting point. Emerald Nutra is more than capable of providing a balanced working relationship with its clients. 

When you discuss your ideas with Emerald Nutra’s team of experts, they actively listen and can identify specific things that you may not even be able to say out loud. One example is when you have a question about their private label energy gummy supplements, but you are unsure how to convey it properly. Emerald Nutra will be able to pick up on this quickly and will generously provide information about their Private Label B12 Energy Gummy Supplements. 

Why is Emerald Nutra the best energy gummy Private Label Manufacturing in the USA?

At Emerald Nutra, we know how important it is for clients to be able to express in detail what they want out of their Private Label Energy B12 Gummy Supplements. This is why they promote an open-door policy with the clients they work with. As a result, clients will feel secure that their concerns will be addressed appropriately, whether it is production, marketing, or distribution.

Emerald Nutra’s personalized approach to things is a breath of fresh air; they remember even the smallest detail their clients tell them! This seemingly minor detail may not be considered important to some; however, when you have a team with the kind of industry experience like Emerald Nutra, they know this can make or break your company’s success. Unfortunately, that kind of attention to detail is very rare these days. If you want to hear more about what Emerald Nutra can do for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

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