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Top 5 Selling Supplements For Generation X

Generation X is a generation of adults born between the early 1960s and early 1980s. They come from various groups within society and walks of life; thus, it is difficult to categorize them by a single lifestyle. Gen Xers are known for their individuality and ability to be adaptable and flexible. They are often considered […]

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Are you purchaseing the best private label chocolate supplement for your brand?

The Truth About Chocolates Everyone knows that chocolate is delicious, but did you know that it can also be a powerful private label wellness supplement? Chocolate is one of the world’s most famous treats. But, it is also a delicious and nutritious food that can help you lose weight, boost energy levels, and improve your […]

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Expand Your Brand With Private Label Chocolate Supplements

Chocolate is a staple food that has been around for centuries. It is made from cacao tree beans and is used in a wide range of products, including chocolate bars and chocolates. Its popularity has grown over time and has become a favorite snack globally. But did you know that chocolate is also a powerful […]

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Is stock formula or custom formula best for my private label supplements?

Difference Between Stock Formula and Custom Formula When it comes to private label supplements, you may need to choose between a stock formula or a custom formula. Stock and custom formulas are terms that private label manufacturers often use when discussing their private label supplements. Although they serve different purposes, these formulas are important for […]

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How a custom private label formula can give your company a competitive edge

Custom Private Label Formula 101 Custom private label formula is a great way to build a private label brand and create value for your consumers. Additionally, it is a great chance to create a customer base that you can keep working with in the future. It can also be used as a technique for generating […]

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Private Label Companies Thanksgiving Countdown

Thanksgiving is a time for many people to rejoice and be thankful, but it also signifies the passage of another year. While this may not be something people do yearly, many companies invest in adding their own brand to their inventory of health and wellness products. Private label brands understand that their customers who focus […]

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Have a Healthy Halloween 2022!

Halloween is celebrated in many countries around the world. We each have our own Halloween traditions we follow, like decorating our houses and putting pumpkins along the driveway or having jack-o-lanterns in our front yard.  But the one most well-loved by everyone is the trick-or-treat tradition. It is not only fun for children, but adults […]

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Staying Healthy in Fall 2022 with Emerald Nutra

We are all aware of the many health challenges of the fall season. But as we get ready to face it head-on, we want to help you take steps to stay healthy this season.  That is where Emerald Nutra’s private label nutraceuticals come into play. We are a leading provider of high-quality supplements for optimal […]

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