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5 Products ideas to private label for your business

5 Products ideas to private label for your business

Posted on April 11, 2022

Private labeling your products can be quite profitable if you sell the right products and you have an excellent wholesale partner. Before tackling products that are relevant to private labeling, let’s first discuss what private labeling means. A private label is flexible and a good option if you want control over production, pricing, and branding. 

In simple terms, a private label is basically a product that a third party manufactures and gets sold under a retailer’s own brand name. Everything about the product is under the retailer’s control. This includes the product’s specifications, packaging, and everything else. These products can range from phone accessories to beauty products and supplements.

Here at Emerald Nutraceutical, we take private labeling to the next level. We provide everything you need through a flexible private label plan while we take care of everything behind the scenes on your behalf and with your permission.

Now, let’s discuss what products are actually good to private label for your business.

  1. Food Supplements

People often look for all kinds of supplements online, so it’s worth doing some product research in this category to see if there are any market gaps  you can cover with your own private label products. Many people rely on various supplements, whether for fitness or to supplement their everyday diet. This side of the b business is incredibly profitable and could help your company grow. To begin, start with private label products like private label nutraceuticals that are aimed towards fitness enthusiasts or average people. You can get protein shakes, creatine, powders, and detox products, for example. The demand for these products is extremely high, making this a fantastic product to private label.

  1. Water bottles

Reusable water bottles have become increasingly popular in recent years. Using a private label on this product gives you a lot of market growth potential. As a result, you may take advantage of society’s environmentally conscious changes by launching your own private label water bottle line. Before you build numerous designs and use various materials, consider your target audience. Are you aiming for the athletic type or the office worker? Maybe a family with small children? Silicone sleeves, inbuilt water filters, and cross-body carrying alternatives are all new developments in the water bottle business. Choosing to private label this type of product can have huge potential in the market, so take time to consider.

  1. Beauty Products

People will constantly be on the lookout for purchasing beauty products. Doing a private label on your beauty products will allow you to have a market share in a product line that has plenty of demand. Just like the food industry, the beauty industry is also thriving. The demand for new products is constant all throughout the world. There is a ready market for cosmetics and skincare that is eager to follow the current trends.

  1. Hair Products

Hair care products have always been popular. Some of the most successful hair product brands online are from private label businesses. Hair products are not seasonal, this means that people want to use them all year long. This usually translates to having a good profile all year round. It should come as no surprise that the beauty industry is thriving all over the world and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. So, if you have a great product idea that no one else has thought of, it might take off.

  1. Clothing

Clothes are an important aspect of our daily life, and some people live and breathe fashion labels. Having a niche and starting small with your private label product, like with any large market, is critical. Decide if you’ll sell shirts, jeans, dresses, or anything else. Later on, you can always expand your collection. Private label clothing has numerous advantages, one of which is that it allows those who do not have a significant marketing budget for their store or brand to get into the business. 


No matter what product you go for, a private label business will always have higher profit margins. The branding aspect, as well as any further changes, can boost their value, allowing you to establish more competitive prices. Plus, putting a private label on an existing product is far easier than spending time and money manufacturing new ones. You can save money on product development and associated staffing costs by using private labeling. 

With Emerald Nutraceutical, you can have your private label stand out from the rest. Rely on us to provide you with reliable help and guidance to secure your brand’s success. So don’t hesitate and start your private label business today!

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